HHS and the Catholic Church: Examining the Politicization of Grants (minority day of hearing)

Witness and Testimony Documents
Executive Director and Co-Founder
FAIR Girls
Consultant, Anti-Human Trafficking/Human Rights/Collaborations; Chair Emeritus, Freedom Network USA
UNODC Global Training Initiative
December 14, 2011,

Chairman Issa Hearing Preview Statement

We all agree victims of human trafficking and related crimes deserve the best services that case providers can offer.

Today's hearing and our preceding December 1 hearing on this subject were called to focus attention on this important issue.

It is my hope that this hearing continues the process of shedding light on an important process, as well as the essential services that providers deliver to these victims.

Sadly, in the case of a recent Department Health and Human Services (HHS) grant award, a provider HHS has called exceptional was denied any funds to continue to help deliver vital services to these victims.

It is alleged that this decision was made to further a political agenda. If indeed this is the case, this action is beyond deplorable.

The Department of Health and Human Services owes Congress and the American people—as well as the trafficking victims cared for under its programs—full transparency as we explore how best to provide for victims who are indeed among the most vulnerable.