Mar 20, 2012

Oversight of the Department of Energy’s Stimulus Spending

Today the price of gasoline is approaching $4.00 per gallon, twice its level in 2009. American consumers understandably ask what the Department of Energy and the Obama Administration have done to address this. But during the Obama Administration, you might say the DOE has been DOA when it comes to delivering affordable energy to consumers.

  • Full Oversight Committee
Mar 19, 2012

Failure to Recover: The State of Housing Markets, Mortgage Servicing Practices, and Foreclosures

Field Hearing: Brooklyn Borough Hall, located at 209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY

  • Full Oversight Committee
Mar 8, 2012

Food Stamp Fraud as a Business Model: USDA’s Struggle to Police Store Owners

Chairman Issa Hearing Preview Statement According to USDA’s own accounting estimates, 15% of all convenience and small grocery stores that accept food stamps participate in food stamp trafficking.  A typical example of fraud by a store owner in the program would involve ringing up items prohibited by the food stamp fraud, like beer and cigarettes, as vegetables.  In other instances, merchants pay cash for a card, ...

  • Full Oversight Committee
Mar 6, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Making the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Voluntary

  • Subcommittee on Health Care and D.C.
Mar 1, 2012

The Status of Government Financial Management: A Look at the FY2011 Consolidated Financial Statements

  • Subcommittee on Government Organization
Feb 29, 2012

Honoring George Washington’s Legacy: Does America Need a Reminder?

  • Subcommittee on Federal Workforce
Feb 29, 2012

Preventing Stolen Valor: Challenges and Solutions

  • Subcommittee on National Security
Feb 28, 2012

Government 2.0: GAO Unveils New Duplicative Program Report

Chairman Issa Hearing Preview Statement   Taxpayers deserve modern, efficient and cost-effective operations in their government, and it is the job of Congress and the Obama Administration, especially in times of fiscal crisis, to deliver these results. Today the Government Accountability Office released a report that outlines 51 new areas of duplication, overlap and fragmentation. It has identified across ...

  • Full Oversight Committee
Feb 17, 2012

How Much Is Too Much? Examining Duplicative IT Investments at DOE and DOD

  • Subcommittee on Technology
Feb 16, 2012

Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama Administration Trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?

Americans of all faiths have a right to practice their religion free from the fear of persecution or harassment from their government. Our nation's founders believed this and enshrined religious freedom into the First Amendment to the Constitution.   While some Americans may not feel that government mandates forcing them to pay for contraception are an infringement on their religious beliefs, others consider it to be an assault against their freedom of ...

  • Full Oversight Committee