Feb 3, 2012

Common Sense Can Win the Day with Bipartisan Repeal of CLASS

This week, the House of Representatives moved further towards repealing the largest gimmick in President Obama’s health care law, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Program. CLASS was billed as a program that would help disabled individuals pay for long-term care services. In typical government fashion, the measure was rushed through without any substantive effort to examine its consequences, resulting in a population in need being misled to believe that ...

Dec 28, 2011

The Millionaire Tax Fallacy

President Obama recently proclaimed, “This is not class warfare - it’s math.” But the math behind a “millionaires’ tax” tells a different story. Let’s be clear; I agree that the wealthy should pay their “fair share.” That’s never been the issue. And certainly we all can agree that it’s time to thoroughly examine which tax loopholes should be closed. As this national discussion unfolds, we owe it to the American people to be clear about the facts about what a fair share ...

  • Taxes
Dec 19, 2011

Postal Service Should Adapt, Not Angle for a Bailout

The United States Postal Service is in a full-blown financial crisis and unless Congress acts now, a taxpayer bailout is all but inevitable. The USPS is a semi-independent, self-funded federal agency and is America’s second largest civilian employer. Most Americans don’t realize that at this moment, the USPS has no more than one week’s cash on hand. It has maxed out its credit limit and by next summer, it will be unable to meet its payroll obligations. The source of these troubles is ...

  • Postal Reform
Dec 16, 2011

The Truth About ObamaCare’s Tax Subsidies and Marriage Penalty

It was supposed to be the centerpiece of his presidency. It was the heart of his legislative agenda. When he signed the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) into law, the president proudly proclaimed that “this legislation will also lower [health-care] costs for families and for businesses and for the federal government, reducing our deficit by over $1 trillion in the next two decades. It is paid for. It is fiscally responsible. And it will help lift a decades-long drag on our ...

  • health care
Dec 12, 2011

Lies, Green Lies and Statistics

"Green jobs" were sold to the American people not just as a way to improve the environment, but as a central pillar of the Obama Administration's response to our nation's growing unemployment epidemic. Two and a half years and nearly $100 billion later, this failed experiment has proven to do little more than misdirect investment and expand the deficit. Despite the reality that "green" initiatives have done little to help and have likely hurt our economic growth prospects, the administration ...

  • Regulation & Jobs
Dec 8, 2011

Holder Protecting Staff Over “Fast & Furious”

As facts continue to emerge about a botched gun investigation of Mexican cartels, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has given the American people reason to doubt his ability to effectively lead the Department of Justice. His reasoning and judgment will be tested once again Thursday as he testifies about the "Fast and Furious" operation before the House Judiciary Committee. Nearly a year after a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed by a weapon linked to the botched operation, Holder's Justice ...

  • Fast and Furious
Oct 25, 2011

On Keeping Those Cards and Letters Coming

The biggest disruptions in our lives come when the everyday things we take for granted stop working. When the power goes out or the water stops running or when the mail stops coming. Our day-to-day life is predicated on these seemingly insignificant details staying just that ---- insignificant. But when they stop working, these details become obstacles and life for all of us gets much harder. Right now, we have a Postal Service that is on the brink of collapse. In Fiscal Year 2011, the ...

  • Postal Reform
Oct 11, 2011

Delivering Postal Service Reform

Snow, rain, heat and hail haven’t yet stopped the mail, but financial insolvency and a looming bailout may stop it altogether. That’s because the United States Postal Service will lose a record $10 billion this year. And because of this financial insolvency, no later than next summer, it will fail to meet payroll. This action most certainly will stop the mail — and leave taxpayers on the hook with a multi-billion-dollar “postage due” bailout ...

  • Postal Reform
Sep 26, 2011

Sorting Out the Postal Service’s Future

Washington is talking about another bailout - this one involving an institution that no American will be surprised is seeking one: the U.S. Postal Service. Many in the capital are dead-set on a taxpayer-funded bailout, even threatening mail stoppages and more if they don’t get their way. It is no secret that the Postal Service is in need of overhaul and modernization, and Congress must play a key part in addressing the problem immediately. But a bailout costing taxpayers any money is wrong ...

  • Postal Reform
Sep 23, 2011

Are the New Patent Reform Rules Fair?

Are the new patent reform rules fair? Yes. With invention, progress, and time comes the need for change. In observing changes taking place in a truly global economy, moving to a "first-to-file" system is clearly the better option for inventors and our economy. Before I began my career in Congress ten years ago, I built a consumer electronics business. The basis of my business, however, wasn't electronics--it was ingenuity and creativity that led to patents. I have 37 U.S. patents registered ...

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