Fast and Furious Holder Hearing Draws Thousands

Published: Feb 3, 2012

17,000+ Visit as Holder Stonewall Continues

WASHINGTON D.C. – Yesterday, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform pressed Attorney General Eric Holder to deliver accountability for Operation Fast and Furious and stop the Justice Department’s year-long effort to stonewall Congress and the American people. More than 13,000 taxpayers watched the hearing via, underscoring the broad public interest in the committee’s work to expose and stop the Obama Administration’s reckless law enforcement techniques.

BY THE NUMBERS: February 2 Fast and Furious Oversight Hearing

• 13,846 Americans watched the hearing live

• 17,711 unique visitors to

• 8,440 views of Fortress Holder – A Year of Justice Department Stonewalling (Infographic)

• 19,551 views of hearing-related videos


CLICK HERE to see Fortress Holder: A Year of Justice Department Stonewalling

Key VIDEO Exchanges from the Feb 2 Hearing

Buerkle to AG Holder: You Must Be Held Accountable for Fast & Furious Failure & Agent Terry’s Murder

2-2-12_buerkle_to_AGCLICK HERE to play the video

DesJarlais to AG Holder: Stonewall City – Why is DOJ Holding Back Information on Fast & Furious?

2-2-12_desjarlais_to_AGCLICK HERE to play the video

Holder Hearing Photos:

Hearing Video Part 1:

Hearing Video Part 2:

Key Obama Administration Fast and Furious Players:

The Victims of Fast and Furious:

The Oversight Committee launched in November 2011 to help keep the American people informed about the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious.