HD Transparency

Published: Jan 5, 2011

Issa and Boehner Announce Release of Broadcast-Quality Oversight Hearing Videos

WASHINGTON, DC – House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and House Speaker John Boehner today announced the release of broadcast-quality Oversight hearing videos going back to the beginning of 2009, moving to fulfill the Pledge to America’s commitment to a more transparent and accountable government. Going forward, HD videos of Oversight Committee hearings, presented in partnership with YouTube, will be available at http://www.youtube.com/HouseResourceOrg.

Click here to watch Issa Announce the Oversight HD Video Transparency Project

“Oversight in HD is part of our mission is to shape a government where you can see – hassle free – what Washington actually does with your money,” said Issa. “Active citizen-watchdogs, armed with the raw material of Washington, will help today’s new Congress deliver tomorrow’s more efficient, more effective American government.”

“A major pillar of House Republicans’ Pledge to America is to reform Congress and restore public trust so that we can put power back in the hands of the people.” Speaker Boehner added. “Increasing transparency by making more high-quality government video available and easy-to-find represents a significant step in doing just that”.

The Oversight Committee is the American taxpayer’s top advocate for transparency and accountability in the federal government and this project is a step towards delivering the openness citizens deserve.