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May 13, 2015

Chairman Chaffetz Issues Statement on Amtrak Incident in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON— House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) issued the following statement in response to the Amtrak derailment that occurred late Tuesday evening on May 12th in Pennsylvania: “The news coming out of Pennsylvania regarding the Amtrak derailment is heartbreaking. Nearly 30 million people ride Amtrak each year and they should board the trains knowing that safety is a paramount priority. Rail safety is something we take very seriously ...

May 13, 2015

Hearing: “Transportation Security: Are Our Airports Safe?”

Opening Statement Chairman Jason Chaffetz “Airport security is pivotal to our nation’s safety and security. We appreciate the thousands of men and women that serve at the TSA.”   “One of the things that stuck out to me in the 9-11 Report is that often government lacks imagination. Terrorists and would-be nefarious characters who want to do harm will often be more creative than security personnel. It’s good that ...

May 13, 2015

Oversight Passes Bill to Ensure Fair Pay for Border Patrol Agents

WASHINGTON—Today the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a markup of [H.R. 2252], authored by Congressman Will Hurd (TX-23). The legislation passed out of the Committee with bipartisan support. Specifically, H.R. 2252 clarifies components of a new pay scale for U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agents by making clear to the Department of Homeland ...

May 6, 2015

Chemical Safety Board Improvements Occurring in Response to Committee Oversight

WASHINGTON— Today during a public business meeting, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) took an important step forward by reversing controversial Board Order 2015-01. The board order, which consolidates much of the Board’s power solely with the Chairman, was passed by former ...

Apr 30, 2015

Examining Mismanagement Within the EPA

Hearing Highlights “It is very ironic that an agency is charged with making sure that we have a clean environment but yet has a work environment that is polluted.”-  Congressman Mark Meadows Congressman Trey Gowdy: Question- “Mr. Reeder, were you aware of an allegation of inappropriate and unwanted sexual discussion at an EPA happy hour on December the 4th 2013?” John Reeder, EPA Deputy Chief of Staff:  Answer- ...

Apr 28, 2015

Chaffetz, Cummings Issue Statement on News The NFL Will Waive Tax Exempt Status

WASHINGTON – Today, in response to news that the National Football League (NFL) plans to voluntarily waive their tax-exempt status and file tax returns as a taxable entity for fiscal year 2015, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (MD-7) issued the following statement. “We are extremely pleased with the decision from the NFL to waive its tax-exempt status. Congress has tried to tackle this issue ...

Apr 23, 2015

Chaffetz, Cummings Statement on New DHS IG Report Regarding USSS Protection of Former Presidents

WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) issued the following statement regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General Management Advisory titled, “Alarm System Maintenance at Residences Protected by the U.S. Secret Service.” “It is startling and unacceptable that under the Secret Service protection, an alarm at the residence of former President George ...

Apr 22, 2015

Interior Oversight Committee Exposes DOE Censorship of Independent Report on Uranium Transfers

The House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on the Interior, led by Chairman Cynthia Lummis (WY-At Large) today examined whether the Department of Energy (DOE) operated outside of its legal authority with regards to uranium transfers under the United States Enrichment Corporation Privatization Act (USECAct) and placed undue

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Apr 21, 2015

Chaffetz, Cummings Statement on Retirement of DEA Administrator

WASHINGTON – In response to DEA Administrator Leonhart’s retirement, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) issued the following statement. “In light of the DOJ Inspector General’s report and the testimony we heard before our committee, Ms. Leonhart’s retirement is appropriate. With the opportunity now for fresh leadership, we are hopeful that the DEA can restore itself to an agency of ...

Apr 16, 2015

DHS, National Archives, & Chemical Safety Board Ranked Worst Places to Work

Chairman Meadows Launches Federal Employee Tip Line to Share Concerns WASHINGTON— House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing today to examine the findings of the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS), which ranks federal employee satisfaction among government agencies. The report identifies the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (score of 48%), National Archives and Records Administration (score of 49%) and ...