December 31, 2014
Oversight Committee Releases 348 Page Report on Legislative, Oversight Accomplishments

Today, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., released a comprehensive report detailing the legislative and oversight work between 2011 and 2014. “With a mission to ensure Americans are served by an ‘efficient, effective government that works for them,’ the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has…

December 23, 2014
Issa Releases Report on IRS Targeting as 113th Congress Concludes

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., today released a new staff report, “The Internal Revenue Service’s Targeting of Conservative Tax-Exempt Applicants: Report of Findings for the 113th Congress.” The report represents findings from the review of over 1.3 million pages of documents and 52 transcribed interviews with IRS, Treasury, and Justice Department employees.

December 18, 2014
Issa Applauds Senate Action to Open Digital Access to Legislative Data

Today, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., released the following statement on U.S. House Bulk Legislative Task Force Deputy House Clerk Robert Reeves’ announcement that the U.S. Senate will open public access to its legislative information in digital data formats for the 114th Congress: “I congratulate the Senate for acting to…

Oversight Report Finds Poor Decision-Making in Disability Program Could Cost Taxpayers Billions

Today, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., released a staff report which finds poor decision-making by administrative law judges (ALJs) in the Social Security Administration (SSA) disability programs has potentially wasted billions of taxpayer dollars. The report finds SSA is allowing administrative law judges (ALJs) to…

December 12, 2014
FITARA Sent to President’s Desk

“Each year, the federal government spends $80 billion on federal information technology systems, yet much of that is wasted on cost overruns, long delays, and servicing outdated programs,” said Issa. “By giving Chief Information Officers the budgetary authority over what their agency spends on IT, we are putting those who best know technology in charge of buying technology. Our current disjointed and fractured system lacks clear lines of authority and leaves IT decisions in the hands of those with little to no expertise. Long overdue, FITARA fixes this crisis of leadership and puts the federal government in a better position to modernize its systems and save the American taxpayer billions of dollars.”

Chairman Issa: Senate Can Still Act on Bipartisan FOIA Reform Passed by House

“As someone who supported both the House and Senate versions of FOIA reform, I’m disappointed that the House ran out of time to address concerns in the Senate bill and the Senate declined to approve a House passed version, which had only minimal differences,” said Chairman Issa. “The reality is that, even today, the Senate could still send a bipartisan FOIA bill to the President if they were willing to accept some minimal differences.”

Issa Subpoenas ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber

“As one of the architects of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber is in a unique position to shed light on the ‘lack of transparency’ surrounding the passage of the President’s health care law, however he has so far been unwilling to fully comply with the Oversight Committee’s repeated requests,” Chairman Issa said in a statement. “This week, Dr. Gruber repeatedly refused to answer several key questions, including the amount of taxpayer funds he received for his work on ObamaCare. The American people deserve not just an apology, but a full accounting, which Dr. Gruber must provide.”

December 9, 2014
Issa, Cummings Call for House Passage of FOIA Improvement Act

“The FOIA Improvement Act will strengthen FOIA, the cornerstone open government law,” Issa and Cummings said in a joint statement. “The House unanimously passed companion legislation, H.R. 1211, earlier this year. The FOIA Improvement Act is a bipartisan bill that, after last night’s passage by the Senate, deserves to be taken up by the House and sent to the President.”

December 8, 2014
Report: FDIC Senior Officials Acted on Personal Animus against Legal Businesses

“It’s appalling that our government is working around the law to vindictively attack businesses they find objectionable,” said Chairman Issa. “Internal FDIC documents confirm that Operation Choke Point is an extraordinary abuse of government power. In the most egregious cases, federal bureaucrats injected personal moral judgments into the regulatory process. Such practices are totally inconsistent with basic principles of good government, transparency, and the rule of law.”

December 3, 2014
FITARA Included in NDAA Bill

“Each year, the federal government spends $80 billion on federal IT systems, yet much of that is wasted on cost overruns, long delays and outdated programs. By giving decision makers the ability to make changes appropriate for their agency, we can ensure that the most knowledgeable will now be able to enact solutions that had otherwise plagued their agencies. As technology changes, Chief Information Officers were previously prevented from adopting new technologies, and often the American taxpayer missed out on more cost effective options. FITARA fixes this crisis of leadership and ensures that the contracting standard is modernized to handle a changed tech landscape.”