February 9, 2015
Oversight Leaders Issue Statement on Reassignment of USSS Deputy Director

“Last week, we met jointly with the White House Counsel and the Department of Homeland Security and expressed our shared conviction that the Secret Service needs to turn the page with respect to its senior leadership. We commend the Department for its numerous personnel actions last month, as well as its recent decision to transfer the Deputy Director out of the agency.

February 5, 2015
Hearing Advisory: Oversight to Examine U.S. Secret Service

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing entitled “U.S. Secret Service: Identifying Steps to Restore the Protective Agency” on Thursday, February 12 at 10 a.m.. The hearing will focus on recent recommendations made to the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) by an independent panel appointed by the…

February 4, 2015
House Passes Bill to Improve Transparency of Unfunded Mandates

H.R. 50 will:
§ close loopholes in UMRA and require more comprehensive cost estimates
§ extend UMRA requirements, including cost-benefit analyses, to independent regulatory agencies
§ codify principles of regulation in Executive Order 12866, as well as cost-benefit analysis, which were reaffirmed by President Obama in Executive Order 13563
§ require agencies to conduct UMRA analyses, regardless of whether they issued a notice of proposed rulemaking, closing a loophole that allowed agencies to forego analyses on nearly half of all final rules
§ enable the chairman or ranking member of any Congressional committee to request an agency conduct a retrospective analysis of an existing federal regulatory mandate
§ extend judicial review to the selection of the least costly/least burdensome regulatory alternative and to whether the agency adhered to the principles of EO12866
§ require agencies to consult with state, local, and tribal governments in the development of significant regulatory mandates
§ extend the consultation requirement to the private sector
§ allow the chairman or ranking member of any Congressional committee to request the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to conduct an assessment comparing the authorized level of funding in a bill to the prospective costs of carrying out any changes to a condition of federal assistance
§ reflect current CBO practices by expanding the definition of direct costs to ensure costs include forgone profits, costs passed on to consumers, and behavioral changes

February 3, 2015
Inspectors General Horowitz, Elkins, & Buller Testify Before House Oversight Committee

Today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee examined ongoing limitations placed on information necessary to the oversight responsibilities of federal inspectors general and their staff.  Inspectors Generalthe Honorable Michael E. Horowitz (DOJ), theHonorable Arthur A. Elkins, Jr. (EPA), and Ms. Kathy A. Buller (U.S. Peace Corps) testified during the…

January 27, 2015
House Oversight Committee to Examine Access and Authority of Federal Inspectors General

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will examine the Independence, Access, and Authority of the federal government’s 72 Inspectors General during its first hearing of the 114th Congress. In August 2014, 47 Inspectors General signed a letter to congressional oversight leaders stating that information was being withheld by federal…

House Oversight Committee Passes Bills Supporting Wounded Veterans in the Federal Workforce and Improved Transparency of Unfunded Federal Mandates

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a markup today on the Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act [H.R. 50] and The Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015 [H.R. 313]. The Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act amends the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 in order to…

House Oversight Committee Holds Organizational Meeting, Adopts Official Rules, & Announces Republican Members

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today held its organizational meeting for the 114th Congress to adopt its official rules package along with one amendment, which passed by unanimous consent. During the meeting, Chairman Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) announced the Republican Committee Members as well as subcommittee assignments. “In the…

January 21, 2015
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to Hold Organizational Meeting

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold the official organizational meeting Tuesday, January 27th. During the meeting, the Chairman will officially announce the Republican and Democratic Members and the membership of each subcommittee. The Committee will also consider and adopt the rules for the 114th Congress. WHAT:          …

January 15, 2015
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz Announces Committee Members for 114th Congress

“I am pleased to announce the membership of the committee for the 114th Congress. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will work to apply rigorous oversight and practical reforms to the operations of the federal government and the use of taxpayer dollars. We will work with our Democrat counterparts to hold the federal government accountable to American people,” said Chairman Chaffetz.

January 14, 2015
Chairman Chaffetz Applauds Secret Service Changes

“I applaud Acting Director Clancy’s action on the Panel’s recommendations. The Secret Service has suffered from a lack of leadership and that has had a detrimental impact on security, training, protocols, and overall culture. Changes are necessary and these departures are a step in the right direction. Failures within leadership have been detrimental to the reputation of this elite law enforcement agency, and subsequently the morale of the men and women who work hard to keep the President and his family safe.