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Mar 6, 2012

Oversight Chairman Issa Statement Regarding President Obama’s Pledge to Sign JOBS Act

(WASHINGTON)—Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today released the following statement regarding President Obama’s pledge during a White House news conference to support the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act offered by House Republicans:   “Economic recovery and job growth occurs when entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes invest and take risks to meet future market demands.  Supporting these job creators has been at the heart ...

Mar 6, 2012

Sen. Grassley and Rep. Issa Request Assessment from OMB of Federal Guidelines for Employee Personal Email Monitoring

Request Comes in Wake of Investigation into Monitoring of Communications Between “FDA Nine” Whistleblowers and Congress  Agency may have intercepted passwords to personal accounts to search those accounts, which would be illegal   (WASHINGTON)—Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) have requested that the Obama Administration conduct a complete assessment of federal agency guidelines for the monitoring of employee’s ...

Mar 2, 2012

Oversight Chairman Issa Statement on GM Announcement to Suspend Volt Production

(WASHINGTON) – Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today released the following statement regarding GM’s announcement that it was temporarily suspending production of the “Volt” automobile:   “Even as gas prices continue to climb, President Obama’s attempt to manipulate the free market and force consumers into purchasing electric vehicles like the GM Volt has failed despite the use of taxpayer dollars to prop up production.  Now some ...

Feb 29, 2012

Chairman Issa Seeks White House Explanation about Information Indicating its Direct and Substantial Role in Fuel Standards Process

Evidence Contradicts Earlier White House Assertions that Process was Led at Agency Level (WASHINGTON)—The Executive Office of the President (EOP) played a "direct and substantial" role in crafting regulations and securing industry support for vehicle fuel economy/greenhouse gas emission rules enacted by the Obama Administration, according to information provided to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today wrote to ...

Feb 27, 2012

Issa, Grassley Continue to Press for Answers in Zapata Murder: Evidence Reveals that Similar Investigative Tactics to Fast and Furious were Used

WASHINGTON – Chairman Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley today questioned Attorney General Eric Holder about revelations that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was aware of straw buying by Manuel Barba during a several month span of which one of the weapons found at the murder scene of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Officer Jaime Zapata was purchased.   In a letter to Holder today, Issa and Grassley wrote ...

Feb 22, 2012

DOJ’s Request for Fast and Furious Subpoena Deadline Extension Ignores the reality that the Department has unreasonably delayed producing these documents to the Committee

WASHINGTON. D.C. – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today, in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, wrote that the Justice Department's request of an extension for completing its document production on Operation Fast and Furious again "demonstrates a lack of good faith" and a Department "more concerned with protecting its image through spin control than actually cooperating with Congress."

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Feb 21, 2012

Issa Presses USDA on Food Stamp Fraud

Expands inquiry into failing anti-fraud procedures that allow barred storeowners back into program  WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), in a letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Kevin Concannon, asked USDA to respond to new findings by Scripps Howard News Service that found pervasive weaknesses ...

Feb 14, 2012

Faces of Forced Union Political Contributions

American Workers Denied The Right to Choose WASHINGTON, DC – American workers are being forced by union leaders to give money to partisan political activity they oppose. On February 8th, three of these workers testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about how forced political contributions violate their freedom and rights. But Terry Bowman, Claire Waites and Sally Coomer are not alone: many workers are not ...

Feb 10, 2012

Oversight Committee Chairman Issa Statement on Release of Energy Department Loan Review Report

Report finds flawed process, department ill-equipped to assess risk, lack of guidelines and reliance on ad-hoc process (WASHINGTON)—Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today released the following statement regarding the publication of a report critical of the Department of Energy's handling of green energy loans: "The findings of today's report are startling. The Obama Administration has acted as if Solyndra was a fluke, but the ...

Feb 9, 2012

Postal Crisis: USPS Acknowledges that Defaulting on Obligations Will Not Close Deficit

WASHINGTON- Today the United States Postal Service released its quarterly loss numbers, showing that the distressed self-funding federal agency lost $3.3 billion last quarter. Total mail volume was down 6% from the same time period last year. Historically, the first quarter of the fiscal year, which includes the Christmas season, is the most profitable for the Postal Service. Notably, USPS Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett acknowledged that continued deferment of the agency's obligation to ...