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Improving Americans' Quality of Life: Homes, Health, Jobs, and Education

  • Preserving Home Ownership. The nationwide foreclosure crisis has claimed the homes of millions of American families, devastating whole communities and degrading our national economy.  Oversight Committee Democrats are committed to solutions that are fair to borrowers, lenders, and investors.  American families should not have to battle their own banks to keep their homes.  We are investigating widespread abuses by mortgage servicing companies—from illegal foreclosures to inflated fees to fraudulent lending.

  • Ensuring Quality, Affordable Health Care. One of our highest priorities this Congress is ensuring the efficient implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which eliminated unfair exclusions for preexisting conditions and extended healthcare to millions of American families.  We are also working to protect the guarantee of Medicare for our nation’s seniors and safeguard Medicaid. We will also address increasing drug costs and the shortage of qualified nurses.

  • Getting America Back to Work.  Oversight Committee Democrats are working to stimulate job creation and protect the rights of both private sector and government employees, including those deployed overseas.  We are investigating the causes and solutions to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and we are promoting measures to strengthen small businesses.

  • Educating and Innovating to Win the Future. Ensuring ahigh-quality education for all students is essential to creating jobs, laying the foundation for long-term prosperity, and enabling the nation to compete in today’s global economy.  We are working to protect Pell Grants and to investigate common-sense ways to reduce college debt and student loan defaults.