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Making Government Work for All Americans

  • Rooting Out Waste, Fraud, and Abuse. Every taxpayer dollar squandered is a dollar that could be used to provide equipment to our troops, rebuild a school, or restore a road or bridge.  We are investigating waste in government contracting—both at home and abroad in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  We are examining ways to improve the effectiveness of government through enhanced technology, by eliminating surplus federal properties, and by recruiting and retaining the best and brightest as part of the federal workforce.

  • Promoting Transparency and Accountability.  Oversight Committee Democrats are at the forefront of strengthening and expanding our nation’s open government laws.  We are working to preserve federal records intoday’s electronic age, and we are promoting efforts to protect whistleblowers who come forward to report abuse.

  • Putting the Needs of Americans Ahead of the Demands of Corporate Special Interest. Corporate tax loopholes, subsidies to oil companies, and profit protections for drug companies cost our nation billions of dollars.  We are examining ways to help level the economic playing field, reform the tax code to lift up all Americans, and reset the economy to reflect our core values of fairness and prosperity.