“Restoring the Partnership: The Future of Federalism in America”

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 4:00pm
Select one, Washington, DC 20515
“Restoring the Partnership: The Future of Federalism in America”




In the 115th Congress, the Speaker’s Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs sought to:

1. Partner with states, tribes, and local governments to balance the interests of governments;

2. Provide a forum for states, cities, and counties to showcase their innovation and creativity in solving public policy problems;

3. Examine the effects of federal rules and regulations on state and local partners;

4. Develop proposals to partner with and empower states, tribes, local governments, private institutions, families and individuals; and

5. Examine the extent to which the burdens shared among states, tribes, and local governments may be re-allocated to improve the quality of life in all communities.

The Task Force held hearings, briefings and examined legislative concepts to improve intergovernmental relations. At one hearing, the Task Force evaluated the work of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR), which ceased operations in 1996. The Task Force received testimony from former ACIR Commissioners, ACIR staff, leading academics, as well as an executive director of a successful state-level commission on intergovernmental relations. At the conclusion of that hearing, Congressman Rob Bishop and Chairman Connolly committed to introducing legislation that would re-establish and reform the ACIR. The subcommittee hearing will examine the state of federalism in the United States and discuss how Congress can improve intergovernmental processes, including the possibility of reestablishing the ACIR.


Panel One

The Honorable Rob Bishop
Member of Congress

Panel Two

Mr. Matthew Chase
Executive Director
National Association of Counties

Ms. Teresa Gerton
Executive Director
National Academy of Public Administration

Dr. Carl W. Stenberg III
Former Staff Member
​U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

James E. Holshouser Jr. Distinguished Professor of Public Administration and Government
University of North Carolina

116th Congress