Chairwoman Maloney Issues Statement Ahead of Historic Vote on D.C. Statehood Bill

Jun 25, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. (June 25, 2020)—Today, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, delivered the following remarks, as prepared for delivery, during a press conference held in advance of the historic vote on the Washington, D.C. Admission Act.

The bill, introduced by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, would admit the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth into the Union consisting of most of the territory of the present-day District of Columbia.

On February 11, 2020, Chairwoman Maloney held the Committee’s historic markup—the first on a D.C. statehood bill in more than 25 years—and the Committee voted to pass landmark legislation and paved the way for tomorrow’s vote on the House floor.

Press Conference Remarks
Chairwoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Committee on Oversight and Reform
The Washington, D.C. Admission Act
June 25, 2020

Thank you very much.  I am so pleased that the House will vote on H.R. 51 tomorrow. 

This will be an historic occasion—the first time in a generation that Congress will vote to give the citizens of the District full voting rights and representation in Congress.

I would like to thank my good friend, and my fellow Oversight Committee Member, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, for her sustained and unparalleled advocacy on behalf of the people of the District of Columbia.

I would also like to thank Majority Leader Hoyer and Speaker Pelosi for their commitment to putting this bill on the floor of the House.

District of Columbia residents pay more in federal taxes than 22 states, and more in federal taxes per capita than any state.

Yet, the people of the District of Columbia are still taxed with no voting representation in Congress.

This is not the vision of our Founders Fathers, who led the Revolution opposing taxation without representation.

The residents of the District have been petitioning for congressional voting rights and local self-government for more than 200 years—yet neither chamber of Congress has ever passed a D.C. statehood bill. 

This is about to change.  The Oversight Committee marked up and passed this bill earlier this year, and we are very proud that our leadership will be bringing it to the floor tomorrow—where it will pass for the first time in history.

I want to close by again commending Congresswoman Norton for her tireless work to extend voting rights to residents of the District.  She has demonstrated continued leadership and has worked valiantly for the enfranchisement of the residents of her district. 


116th Congress