Cummings Asks Virginia Attorney General to Explain Testimony on Air Toxics Rule

Nov 8, 2011
Press Release
Recent Statements Before Congress Appear to Contradict Even Industry Studies

Washington, DC  – Today, Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings sent a letter to Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli requesting that he explain the basis for his testimony before the Committee on November 1, 2011, that EPA’s proposed Air Toxics rule will increase electricity costs and result in the loss of jobs.

“Your claims appear to contradict reputable studies and analyses that predict only minor increases in electricity prices and net job gains,” wrote Cummings.  “Even more peculiar is that your claims also appear to exaggerate even the potential negative impacts predicted by industry studies on which you presumably rely.”

Cuccinelli did not provide any support or citations for his testimony.  Moreover, two industry reports with similar statistics do not support his claims because they attempted to estimate the potential impact of multiple regulations rather than the Air Toxics rule alone.

“Congress relies on the accuracy of data presented in official testimony to make effective policy determinations,” Cummings wrote. “If your testimony improperly exaggerated the potential negative effects of the Air Toxics rule, even as predicted by industry sources, it is important that you correct it as soon as possible.”

Cummings also requested that Cuccinelli produce, by November 18, copies of “all studies, reports, and analyses on which you relied when preparing your testimony before the Committee.”


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