Press Releases

May 6, 2022 Press Release
Lack of Transparency Over Identity of Investors and Above-Market Price Raise Concerns
Apr 28, 2022 Press Release
Committee Seeks More Transparency on Gun Dealers Selling the Most Guns Used in Crimes
Apr 27, 2022 Press Release
Committee Releases New Documents Showing How McKinsey Advised Opioid Manufacturers to Target Opioid Sales to Vulnerable Communities and Offer “Cash Prize”
Apr 27, 2022 Press Release
Seven Years After Contract Was Awarded, U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan Remains Unfinished, Costs to U.S. Taxpayers Have Exceeded $430 Million
Apr 22, 2022 Press Release
Hearing Follows Committee Staff Report Uncovering Major Conflicts of Interest in McKinsey’s Work for FDA and Opioid Companies
Apr 21, 2022 Press Release
Oversight and Administration Committees Seek Information from Election Officials in States Facing Threats of Election Subversion