Press Releases

May 10, 2022 Press Release
Letter Raises Concern Over Unpublished IG Report on Sexual Misconduct and Harassment by DHS Employees and Concealed Findings on Domestic Abuse
May 10, 2022 Press Release
Company’s Failures Led to Destruction of 400 Million Taxpayer-Funded Coronavirus Vaccine Doses
May 6, 2022 Press Release
Lack of Transparency Over Identity of Investors and Above-Market Price Raise Concerns
Apr 28, 2022 Press Release
Committee Seeks More Transparency on Gun Dealers Selling the Most Guns Used in Crimes
Apr 27, 2022 Press Release
Committee Releases New Documents Showing How McKinsey Advised Opioid Manufacturers to Target Opioid Sales to Vulnerable Communities and Offer “Cash Prize”