Overwhelming Bipartisan Support for COVID Relief to State and Local Entities

Feb 12, 2021
Press Release
Governors, Mayors, Tribal Leaders, Workers, Industry, and Other Stakeholders Call on Congress to Support $350 Billion in Relief

Washington, D.C. (Feb. 12, 2021)—Today, the Committee on Oversight and Reform is considering legislation to allocate funding to states, localities, Tribes, and territories to fight the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating economic impacts.


In addition to allocating $350 billion in funding to states, localities, Tribes, and territories, the legislation includes $570 million for emergency leave for federal and postal workers and $117 million for oversight entities to promote transparency and accountability of all federal coronavirus relief funds. 


For today’s Committee mark-up, hundreds of governors, mayors, Tribal leaders, workers unions, industry officials, and public health officials endorsed this critical funding.


Below are links to the statements and letters of support for critical coronavirus relief:




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