Stakeholders Praise Electrifying the Postal Fleet in Oversight Committee’s Portion of Build Back Better Act

Oct 8, 2021
Press Release
Committee Provides $12 Billion to Electrify Federal Vehicles

Washington, D.C. (October 8, 2021)—Today, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, highlighted statements of support from stakeholders praising the Committee’s section of the Build Back Better Act.  The Committee provided $12 billion in critical funding to electrify General Services Administration (GSA) and United States Postal Service vehicle fleets and build the necessary charging infrastructure to support them. 

Support for funding to electrify our federal vehicles fleets includes:

Joe Britton, Executive Director, Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA):  “Electrifying the transportation sector is among our greatest opportunities to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change.  The electrification of USPS and GSA fleets will remove hundreds of thousands of ICEVs [internal combustion engine vehicles] from the United States’ roads, bolster the EV manufacturing industry, and send a clear market signal that EVs are here to stay.  Because of its lower operating costs, an electrified federal fleet will save taxpayer dollars, too.  Furthermore, by cutting pollution, electrifying the federal fleet will improve air quality and boost public health outcomes, particularly in vulnerable frontline communities.  The USPS fleet is an obvious use-case for electrification, and American communities and postal workers deserve clean, reliable technology.”

Ben Prochazka, Executive Director, Electrification Coalition:  “Electrification of our country’s transportation sector is critical to improving our economy, national security, and public health.  The sheer scale of the federal fleet represents an enormous opportunity for progress on all these fronts.  And because the federal fleet is such a heavyweight consumer in the vehicle market, electrifying the fleet would stimulate EV manufacturing and sales in the United States, with broad ripple effects throughout the entire transportation sector, which is currently our largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Mark Dimondstein, President, American Postal Workers Union:   “I applaud Congress and the Biden administration for moving forward with bold investments in the Build Back Better Act. Of note, the Postal Service, will receive critical resources to help tackle the climate crisis by building out its electric fleet, installing EV charging stations, and becoming a leader in EV technology.  I urge all of Congress to come together and pass this critical piece of legislation.”

Paul V. Hogrogian, National President, National Postal Mail Handlers Union:  “Members of Congress are recognizing the need to bring the United States Postal Service into the 21st Century by providing funding for the development of an electric vehicle fleet.  Our private sector counterparts are already committing to electric and low-emission vehicles; it only makes sense that the Postal Service also takes advantage of the efficiency of this fleet.  The National Postal Mail Handlers Union appreciates the support from our elected officials, and we look forward to their continued work on this issue.”

The National Association of Letter Carriers:  “Letter carriers deliver to every American household and business six or seven days a week.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have relied on the Postal Service for their paychecks, medications and other essential deliveries.  The Postal Service remains a crucial part of the American economy and investment in the agency, its workers, and infrastructure is essential.  As members of Congress actively work on finalizing the budget reconciliation package and bring it to the floor for a vote, NALC urges all members to vote in support of this critical funding for the Postal Service.”

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association:  “We applaud House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (NY-12) for her leadership in successfully advancing this bipartisan legislative priority out of the Committee earlier this month and are pleased that the House Budget Committee on Saturday passed the reconciliation package that included this proposed funding.  We are hopeful that the next stop is the House Floor.  We urge the House of Representatives to vote on passage and make this proposed funding a reality.  There is no time to wait. America urgently needs to invest in our postal workers, technology, and infrastructure.”


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