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USA Today | Feb 23, 2015

FCC Chief Pressed to Release Net Neutrality Rules

A key Republican lawmaker in Congress called for Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to make proposed net neutrality regulations public before a planned Thursday vote on the measure.

VICE News | Feb 20, 2015

The White House Emails at the Center of Washington’s Brewing New Neutrality Storm

Republican lawmakers are not pleased with the FCC's proposed new open Internet rules — set to be publicly released next Thursday — that call for aggressively regulating broadband providers like a utility. And they want to know how the FCC came up with them.

Environment & Energy Publishing | Feb 3, 2015

IG Tells Irate Lawmakers That Agency Impedes His Investigations

A senior U.S. EPA official was accused last year of behaving inappropriately toward more than a dozen women -- including a 21-year-old intern -- violating security procedures and mishandling classified information.

Environment & Energy Publishing | Jan 8, 2015

Chairman Chaffetz Will Shine Spotlight on Interior, EPA Powers

The House GOP's new top watchdog plans to intensify oversight of the Interior Department and U.S. EPA in the 114th Congress, spotlighting everything from alleged restrictions on federal lands to employee misconduct.

Internal Revenue Service | Sep 30, 2014

Federal Employee/Retiree Delinquency Initiative (Ferdi) Report

In the last ten years, the amount of past-due taxes owed by the federal government has nearly doubled.