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Post Published: Apr 25, 2010

04-21-2010 "The Washington Metro System: Safety, Service and Stability"

Hearing Documents

Hearing Video

04-21-10_WMATA_pt_1 04-21-10_WMATA_pt_2 4-21-10_WMATA_3

Part 1                               Part 2                 Part 3 (audio)


4-21-10_WMATA_pt_5 4-21-10_WMATA_pt_5_final 4-21-10_WMATA_pt_6

Part 4                    Part 5                         Part 6

Panel I

The Honorable Peter Rogoff

Administrator, U.S. Federal Transit Administration

Panel II

Mr. Richard Sarles

Interim General Manager, WMATA

Mr. Peter Benjamin

Chairman, Board of Directors, WMATA

Ms. Jackie Jeter

President, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689

Mr. Frank DeBernardo

Chair, Metro Rider Advisory Council

Mr. Matt Bassett

Chair, Tri-State Oversight Committee