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Press Release Published: Feb 22, 2021

Cloud Probes Campaign Seeking to Blacklist Americans from Future Employment

WASHINGTON—Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy Ranking Member Michael Cloud (R-Texas) today wrote letters to leaders at American Oversight and Accountable US regarding their joint effort, “Campaign Against Corporate Complicity,” that aims to blacklist public servants who served in the Trump Administration from future employment. The campaigns are an aggressive effort to discriminate against Republicans for executing the policies of a duly elected president.

“The ‘Campaign Against Corporate Complicity’ and ‘Hate for Hire’ campaigns perpetuate disgraceful discrimination and intend to unjustly punish former federal government employees for carrying out the policy of a duly elected president,” wrote Ranking Member Cloud. “. . . Barring and banning public servants from reentering civil employment has no place in American political discourse. As President Biden said in his inaugural address, ‘[f]or without unity, there is no peace, only bitterness and fury…unity is the path forward.”

To protect the rights of all American citizens, Cloud is seeking documents and a briefing from both American Oversight and Accountable US regarding their campaigns targeting individuals simply for their viewpoint.

The letter to American Oversight Executive Director Austin Evers is available here.

The letter to Accountable US President Kyle Herrig is available here.