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Press Release Published: Feb 21, 2023

Comer Calls on Witness to Provide Information Related to Biden Family Involvement in International Bribery Schemes

Calls on Mr. Vuk Jeremic to provide documents, records, and communications related to testimony given on the Biden family’s former CCP-connected business associate

WASHINGTON—House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) is calling on Mr. Vuk Jeremic, a former Serbian politician and former President of the United Nations General Assembly, to provide documents, communications, and records related to the Biden family’s involvement in foreign business ventures that included an individual with connections to the Chinese Communist Party and was convicted of international bribery schemes.

“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating President Biden’s connections to certain international and domestic business transactions and practices, including his family and associates who peddled influence to generate millions of dollars for the Biden family. The Committee’s review of testimony in a federal criminal prosecution—United States v. Patrick Ho—and other documents show that you have records and information related to the Biden family’s foreign business dealings,” wrote Chairman Comer.

“The defendant in that prosecution, Patrick Ho, was convicted of international bribery and money laundering in 2018 and was the former head of CEFC China Energy’s (CEFC) U.S.-based operation. CEFC—now state-owned by the Chinese Communist Party—approached the Biden family to expand its energy portfolio in the United States. The Committee requests you schedule a transcribed interview with Committee staff and produce certain documents related to CEFC, Robert Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their business associates.”

The Oversight Committee is requesting documents and information from key witnesses to assist in investigating President Biden’s role in his family’s foreign business deals and to determine whether has compromised national security. Additionally, the Committee will examine drafting legislation to strengthen federal ethics laws regarding public officials and their families.

Read the letter here.

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