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Press Release Published: Nov 15, 2023

Comer, Jordan, Smith Call on Kevin Morris to Appear for a Transcribed Interview

WASHINGTON—As part of the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), House Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-Mo.) today are calling on Kevin Morris to appear for a transcribed interview. Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor, reportedly has lent millions of dollars to Hunter Biden to help him pay back taxes.

“It sure seems that the Bidens get a lot of ‘loans’ that raise many questions. Kevin Morris is reportedly helping Hunter Biden pay off his legal bills and China debt, which the Biden team claim are ‘loans.’ These ‘loans’ have occurred both during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and presidency, which raise serious ethical concerns. Americans are sick and tired of the Swamp getting away with this type of unethical behavior and demand accountability. The House Oversight Committee, along with the Committees on the Judiciary and Ways and Means, will continue to follow the facts and hold President Biden and his family accountable for their corruption,” said House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer.

“The Committees’ investigation has uncovered a troubling pattern of Biden family associates receiving funds from foreign entities. President Biden’s apparent awareness of these family business ventures and influence in these deals raise even more concerns. We are committed to seeking testimony from witnesses who can speak to Biden family financial transactions, including Kevin Morris, who paid off a portion of Hunter Biden’s federal tax debts,” said House Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan.

The House Committees on Oversight and Accountability and Judiciary have reviewed bank records related to President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and various entities associated with him.  IRS whistleblower testimony alleges Kevin Morris made tax payments on behalf of Hunter Biden. Additionally, after Hunter Biden received a $250,000 loan from a Chinese national that listed Joe Biden’s home as the beneficiary address, it is reported Kevin Morris quietly assumed this loan during Joe Biden’s presidency. The Committees are interested in the nature and purpose of these payments and any possible “loans” Kevin Morris may have provided to Hunter Biden that may have occurred while Joe Biden was either a candidate for public office or holding public office.

“Both public reporting and evidence reviewed by the Committees suggest that Kevin Morris had an ‘expansive role as a financier, confidant, and would-be avenger for Hunter Biden.’  Yet even the President’s brother testified to not knowing who Kevin Morris was or why he would suddenly swoop in to pay off Hunter’s millions worth of owed taxes. Instead of investigating his loans as a potential campaign finance violation, the Justice Department, revealed in documents released by the Ways and Means Committee, said they had no interest in doing so, with one DOJ prosecutor saying they were not ‘personally interested’ in following the facts. It’s time that Americans learn the truth about Kevin Morris’s monetary contributions to the Biden family business dealings,” said House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith.

The letter to Kevin Morris can be found here.

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