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Press Release Published: Apr 15, 2019

Jordan Issues Memo Slamming Cummings’s Unprecedented Decision To Issue Subpoena to Mazars USA for President’s Personal Finances

WASHINGTON, DC –  Today, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, sent a letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and memorandum to Committee Members detailing how the Chairman’s decision to subpoena sensitive, personal information about the President’s finances is a gross abuse of the Committee’s subpoena authority and a violation of the Chairman’s promises to the Committee.
Excerpt from the letter:
“As explained in the attached memorandum, your intended action is an unprecedented abuse of the Committee’s subpoena authority to target and expose the private financial information of the President of the United States. Your intended action is also a blatant violation of your promise to debate and vote on Committee subpoenas. Although there were nine legislative days following your receipt of Mazars’s response letter-during which time you informed the media that you intended to subpoena Mazars-you purposefully waited for Members to return to their districts for the Easter district work period before moving forward to subpoena Mazars.”
Excerpt from memorandum:


“What is unprecedented here is the extent to which Chairman Cummings and House Democrats have gone to attack the President for political gain. Chairman Cummings’s subpoena for President Trump’s sensitive, personal financial information goes hand-in-glove with Chairman Neal’s request for President Trump’s personal tax returns and with Chairman Nadler’s expansive investigation into 81 entities with personal or business relationships with the President. These are all part of a coordinated and carefully managed campaign to use congressional oversight for partisan advantage-in fact, I recently became aware that Chairman Cummings has executed a secret Memorandum of Understanding with Chairwoman Maxine Waters to attack the President.”
Full text of the letter and memo can be found here.