August 3, 2009
Affordable Coverage, Dependable Care for All Americans

Between the rising cost of heath care and the expanding role of government, Americans are frustrated.  Economists predict that we will be spending 20 percent of our gross domestic product on health care by 2017. Now the President wants Congress to approve a scheme that effectively repeals Medicare and puts…

July 21, 2009
A Dangerous Retreat on “Real ID”

When the independent, bipartisan Sept. 11 commission issued its report in July 2004, an alarming fact was emphasized: Terrorists need valid identification to board an airplane. The commission asserted that “for terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons.” Congress subsequently passed the Real ID Act, which was quickly signed…

July 16, 2009
A Torturous Case of He Said, She Said

National security must remain a strategic legislative priority that deserves the vigilant and careful attention of Congress. When it comes to protecting Americans and preserving our freedoms, the interests of the people are best served by a permanent relationship of reciprocal confidence and deference between Congress and the intelligence community….

June 22, 2009
IG Firing Undermines Obama Promise, Warrants Investigation

President Obama’s dismissal of Gerald Walpin, former Inspector General of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), has caused many in Congress to question the White House’s methods and motives. It also raises substantive questions about the Administration’s transparency and respect for the law, as well as the degree…

June 20, 2009
Alternative Energy Should Include Nuclear

Congress has pursued a strategy of taxing fossil fuels in order to discourage their consumption and has heavily subsidized alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. This strategy ignores an inconvenient truth – renewable energy cannot meet the nation’s everyday power demands. Often, however, the most efficient and proven…

Ronald Reagan Reconsidered

Political irony has experienced a profound illustration in the early days of the Obama administration. Seldom has a president rendered such thoughtful tribute to a predecessor whose values his every legislative effort was certain to undermine. Case in point: Two events on Capitol Hill earlier this month were coordinated to…

June 18, 2009
CIA’s Panetta, DNI Blair Must End Turf War and Switch Jobs

When Congress passed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, it did so to better protect the American people from the breakdown of vital intelligence that left our nation vulnerable on that infamous morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Administrative coordination of the various intelligence agencies—a key provision of…

June 16, 2009
Reform is Needed, but Don’t Use Medicare Model

Somewhere between the health care extremes — no government involvement and total government control — real reform is possible. And reforming America’s health care system is one of the most pressing challenges that we face. Serious problems have emerged. Skyrocketing administrative and liability costs, cumbersome interstate restrictions and the terrible…

June 10, 2009
More Spending, Less Transparency Means Deep Trouble for U.S. Taxpayers

In those last moments before the R.M.S. Titanic gutted its hull on a jagged iceberg 400 miles south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, her captain ordered a full reverse of all engines and a hard starboard turn. It was – as history records – too little, too late. Contrast…

June 8, 2009
A Tale of Two Treasuries

In his debut as the nation’s 75th treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner has been a smashing success — if success is measured by more federal debt and less accountability to American taxpayers. It was never supposed to be this way. When our first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, sought to establish the nation’s…