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The Overview Published: Feb 24, 2021

Waste Watch

The Waste Watch is a newsletter exposing wasteful federal government spending and brought to you by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Republicans.

This week, Congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden are pushing another massive spending package under the guise of COVID-19 relief.

All this, even though…

It begs the question: Why are Democrats attempting to spend MORE taxpayer dollars and jam through a sweeping spending bill that isn’t targeted or transparent?

It’s simple. The relief has nothing to do with COVID-19. Instead, this is a Pelosi Payoff for progressives and Democrats are using the opportunity to fund their liberal wish-list priorities, which will only result in ballooning our national debt and killing jobs. 

Recently, Democrats on the Oversight and Reform Committee rushed to advance a slush fund for state and local governments that shuttered small businesses, schools, and churches with draconian lockdowns. 


While Democrats are pushing for their blue state bailout, $46 billion of CARES Act funding provided to state and local governments remains unspent. State and local governments have until December 31, 2021 to spend these funds. Ranking Member James Comer blasted the effort, emphasizing that our national deficit is already projected to be $2.3 trillion without the Pelosi Payoff and that Congress needs to be more vigilant than ever in how taxpayer money is spent.


The $350 billion blue state bailout isn’t the only example of government waste in the $1.9 trillion Pelosi Payoff. Do you have time to look through a 591 page bill?

If you don’t, don’t worry. We did. 

What we found should be unsettling to every American. Democrats are diverting taxpayer dollars to liberal initiatives unrelated to recovery efforts and will only present opportunities for waste, fraud, and abuse.