Aug 28, 2017

letter to the department of justice attorney general of the united states the honorable jefferson b. sessions regarding violations of the federal statute criminalizing contempt of congress

Aug 25, 2017

letter to AG of the United States the Honorable jefferson b. sessions III regarding contempt of congress

Aug 18, 2017

Letter to Acting Chairman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission The Honorable Maureen K. Ohlhausen regarding the rising prices of prescription medications

Aug 18, 2017

Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the rising prices of prescription medications

Aug 8, 2017

Letter to national institutes of health director the honorable francis s. collins, M.D., Ph.D. regarding the National Cancer Institute

Jul 17, 2017

letter to u.s. department of homeland security inspector general the honorable john roth regarding the federal government’s response to the Baton rouge floods

Jun 30, 2017

letter to u.s. census bureau director the honorable john h. thompson regarding the 2020 census

Jun 26, 2017

Letter to General Services Administration Inspector General Carol Ochoa Regarding Whistleblower Protection

May 25, 2017

letter to federal bureau of investigation acting director mr. andrew g. mccabe regarding memorialized communication between former FBI director comey and president trump

May 19, 2017

letter to sallyport global holdings president esposito regarding the balad air base