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Press Release Published: May 6, 2024

Comer Continues Government-Wide Investigation into China’s Efforts to Infiltrate and Influence the United States

Sends nine additional letters to FBI, DOE, State, FDA, and more.

WASHINGTON – House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) is continuing a government-wide investigation into the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ongoing efforts to target, influence, and infiltrate every sector and community in the United States. In nine additional letters sent to federal agencies today, Chairman Comer emphasized how Congress has a responsibility to ensure the federal government is effectively using existing resources to combat the CCP’s influence operations and is seeking information regarding what steps are being taken to thwart the CCP’s political and economic warfare campaign.

On March 13, Chairman Comer launched the probe into China’s political warfare campaign and sought initial information from agencies. At a hearing on April 17, experts outlined how the CCP’s actions threaten U.S. military readiness, the technology sector, financial markets, the agriculture industry, education systems, intellectual property, and federal government agencies. Chairman Comer intends to obtain more information on how agencies are combatting CCP threats and will lead additional hearings to address this national security threat.   

“China experts—with decades of experience in U.S. intelligence, national security, and the military—testified before the House Oversight Committee that the CCP’s ambitions to influence the United States are destructive, dangerous, and jeopardize the safety of all Americans. The Committee has a responsibility to ensure that the federal government is taking every action necessary to protect Americans from the CCP’s ongoing political warfare,” said Chairman Comer. “Today, I am sending additional letters to key federal agencies seeking information on their plans to combat CCP tactics. The federal government needs to recognize the threat from China is grave and its past time for the federal government to establish a concrete plan to thwart the CCP’s actions.”    

Read the letters sent today:

Read letters sent on March 13: