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Press Release Published: Feb 10, 2022

Comer, Keller, Oversight Republicans: Biden’s Plan to Send U.S. Energy Overseas Further Harms Americans

With Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine, the Biden Administration is now asking American companies to increase supply to send to Europe

WASHINGTON — Today, House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.), Representative Fred Keller (R-Pa.), and Oversight Republicans sent a letter to President Joe Biden expressing serious concerns over his plan to export energy to Europe while crippling domestic energy production for Americans. Following reports that U.S. liquified natural gas companies are now being requested to ship supply overseas because of Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine, Republican lawmakers are seeking answers from the Administration about how the President intends to ensure that Americans do not suffer from a potential shortage or prolonged, self-inflicted energy crisis.

“We are concerned about your Administration’s handling of domestic energy production in the United States and the implications it imposes on national security. Your Administration has crippled domestic energy production, including canceling the Keystone Pipeline, placing a moratorium on oil and gas production on federal land, and proposing taxpayers fund the Green New Deal with billions of dollars. These policies have led to surging gas and heating prices.  Meanwhile, you lifted sanctions to allow construction to continue on the Russian-owned Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The decision to reduce American energy production is even more troubling now that U.S. liquefied natural gas companies (LNG) are being asked to increase production because of Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine—raising concerns about whether America has an adequate energy supply and what impacts consumers may face,” wrote the lawmakers.

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Blinken accused Russia of withholding at least one-third of the natural gas that it is capable of sending to Europe. The International Energy Agency has confirmed that Russian exports of natural gas were down by 25 percent the last three months of 2021. Many experts believe that following an invasion of Ukraine, Russia would then withhold natural gas exports to Europe that travel through Ukraine, having a devastating impact on Europe as Russia supplies one-third of the continent’s natural gas.

“According to media reports, the Administration has held talks with U.S.-based liquified natural gas companies to encourage them to increase supplies that could then be sent to Europe. It raises serious questions for this Administration to slow down domestic energy production and then subsequently plead with companies to increase supply due to an international conflict,” continued the lawmakers. “Your Administration’s efforts to curtail domestic energy production have led the U.S. to rely even more on foreign energy. This is troubling. America is leading the way in clean LNG technologies that are changing the global energy landscape while your Administration has focused on restricting this sector. LNG industries not only supply thousands of good paying jobs, they are lowering global greenhouse gas emissions with cleaner burning American natural gas. The Administration’s request to increase production in Europe comes at a time when the American people are already dealing with rising energy costs to heat their homes and operate their cars—all thanks to the Administration’s policies aimed at reducing domestic energy production.”

Republican lawmakers are seeking answers from President Biden to better understand the Administration’s plan to combat rising energy prices and avoid a possible U.S. energy shortage.

The letter to President Biden can be found here.