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Press Release Published: Jun 24, 2024

Comer Presses American Muslims for Palestine to Produce Requested Information Related to the Funding of Illegal, Pro-Hamas Activities

WASHINGTON — Today, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) is pressing American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) to cooperate with congressional oversight, avoid further delays, and produce the requested documents and communications in their custody related to the funding of pro-Hamas propaganda and illegal encampments across the United States. In another letter sent to AMP Executive Director Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, Chairman Comer reiterates that substantial evidence connects AMP to the National Students for Justice in Palestine (National SJP), one organization claiming to support hundreds of so-called “Palestine solidarity organizations” and the Committee will consider the compulsory process if AMP continues to fail to produce the requested documents and information.

“Instead of working to accommodate my requests or producing any responsive documents to the Committee, your counsel has indicated that AMP will not accept my May 29, 2024, letter. Perhaps you believe this is a necessary course of action because such an admission could negatively impact AMP’s legal strategy in responding to a lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Virginia. To avoid any further delay and alleviate any confusion on your part, please be advised that I am writing to you directly as the Executive Director of AMP and request yours and AMP’s prompt and voluntary compliance with the document requests reiterated below. This oversight is critical to inform legislation to ensure that federal agencies are able to adequately prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as to determine whether statutory reporting requirements on financial institutions related to money laundering and terrorist financing need to be updated by Congress,” wrote Chairman Comer.

On May 29, 2024, the Committee sought information from AMP to better understand how pro-Hamas propaganda and illegal encampments are being funded and supported. On June 11, 2024, AMP informed the Committee it would not “accept” the letter and has refused to produce any requested documents or communications.

“If AMP continues to fail to produce the requested documents, I will consider other measures, including the use of compulsory process, to gain compliance and obtain this material. The Committee will continue to vigorously pursue information relevant to its oversight in this matter.  Any knowing and willful false statements or representations made to the Committee in conjunction with this or any other investigation conducted pursuant to the authority of this Committee could constitute criminal acts and will not be tolerated,” concluded Chairman Comer.  

Read the letter to AMP Executive Director Dr. Abuirshaid here.


Comer Continues to Investigate Groups Funding and Organizing Illegal Encampments and Pro-Hamas Activities in the United States