Issa Joins House Republicans in Successful Repeal of ObamaCare

Published: Jan 20, 2011

WASHINGTON. D.C. – Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49), today released the following statement after House Republicans successfully voted to repeal ObamaCare:

“Last summer, I held a townhall meeting where hundreds and hundreds of constituents resoundingly sent the message from San Diego and Riverside County back to Washington that they did not want ObamaCare. They were concerned about this misguided reform’s impact on the ability to create permanent jobs. They were concerned about the intrusive nature of a federal government that was growing in both size and scope. They understood how adding hundreds of new programs and Washington bureaucrats to the health care system could adversely impact their ability to access quality health care, leaving behind a system susceptible to waste, fraud and abuse. Today, House Republicans have taken the first step in delivering to the American people on the promises and pledges we have made in our effort to move America forward.”