Statement of Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Issa on June Unemployment Report

Published: Jul 8, 2011

(WASHINGTON)—House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released the following statement on the June unemployment report released today:

“Today’s unemployment report is, as The Atlantic wrote, ‘all bad.’ The total number of unemployed Americans is up 545,000. The percentage of working adults is 58.2 percent – smaller than at any point during the recession. Now at 40 weeks, the U.S. labor force just broke a record for the longest average duration of unemployment—ever.

“President Obama and the Democratic-led Senate, should take action on House Republican’s job creation agenda. Pursuing more job killing regulations like the energy production permitoriums in the Gulf of Mexico and Appalachia or the action against Boeing’s new workers in South Carolina is a recipe for more stagnation. Less regulation and red tape, a streamlined regulatory process and lower tax burdens are the recipe for economic success.”