Nov 15, 2017

letter to u.s. department of state secretary the honorable rex w. tillerson regarding CFIUS approval of Uranium One acquisition

Nov 6, 2017

letter to u.s. department of justice AG Jefferson B. Sessions III and Deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein regarding decisions made by the department

Nov 2, 2017

Letter to Health and Human Services Acting Secretary Hargan on Cost Sharing Reductions

Nov 2, 2017

letter to committee on oversight and government reform ranking member the honorable elijah e. cummings regarding meeting agenda

Nov 1, 2017

letter to secretary of homeland security ad interim the honorable elaine c. duke regarding security at our nation’s airports

Oct 27, 2017

Letter Sent to Department of Justice on DEA enforcement of opioids, controlled substance laws

Oct 25, 2017

Letter to u.s. secretary of defense the honorable james n. mattis regarding combat-related American deaths

Oct 20, 2017

Letter to White House Counsel Donald McGahn – PRA

Oct 20, 2017

Letter to four agencies on Federal Records Act – Non Compliant

Oct 20, 2017

Letter to 12 Agencies on Federal Records Act – Partial Compliance