Mar 16, 2017

Letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen regarding information systems

Mar 16, 2017

Letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos regarding information systems

Mar 13, 2017

letter to bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives acting director mr. thomas e. brandon regarding agency mismanagement

Mar 8, 2017

Letter to White House Counsel to the President Donald McGahn regarding the Presidential Records Act

Mar 8, 2017

Letter to 55 Agencies regarding the Federal Records Act

Mar 6, 2017

letter to transportation security administration acting administrator huban A. gowadia ph.d. regarding partnership with OSC

Mar 3, 2017

Letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz regarding the investigations of the Osorio and Barba trafficking rings

Mar 2, 2017

letter to united states department of the army acting secretary the honorable robert m. speer regarding the federal hiring freeze

Mar 1, 2017

letter to u.s. department of the interior secretary the honorable ryan zinke regarding information requests

Feb 23, 2017

Letter to FEMA Acting Administrator regarding Baton Rouge Flooding