Mar 28, 2018

letter to u.s. department of justice inspector general the honorable michael e. horowitz regarding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Mar 27, 2018

letter to u.s. department of justice deputy attorney general the honorable rod j. rosenstein regarding decisions made by the Justice department in 2016

Mar 22, 2018

letter to national aeronautics and space administration acting administrator mr. robert m. lightfoot jr. regarding taxpayer-funded union official time

Mar 22, 2018

Letter to Secretary of the Interior the Honorable Ryan Zinke regarding replacement doors at the department

Mar 22, 2018

letter to u.s. secretary of commerce the honorable wilbur l. ross regarding the 2020 Census

Mar 20, 2018

letter to u.s. office of personnel management director the honorable jeff t.h. pon regarding information security failures

Mar 9, 2018

letter to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement acting director mr. thomas d. homan regarding license plate reader data from a commercial vendor

Mar 9, 2018

Letter to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Mr. Thomas D. Homan regarding license plate reader database agreement

Mar 7, 2018

Letter to the Secretary of Defense the Honorable James N. Mattis regarding report of Niger Ambush

Mar 6, 2018

letter to attorney general sessions and deputy attorney general rosenstein regarding potential bias and fisa abuse at DOJ