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The Overview Published: Jun 7, 2021

VIDEO: We’ve Gone from America First to America Last

WASHINGTON—Today, House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) and Representatives Fred Keller (R-Pa.), Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.), Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), and Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) released a video highlighting President Biden’s desire to reshape America through a radical, socialist agenda. The video, titled “Biden’s America,” highlights President Biden’s reckless spending leading to the highest inflation in over a decade, failed energy policies causing higher prices at the pump, broken promises to fully reopen America’s public schools, and open border policies that have created a crisis at the southern border. 

Watch the full video here.

Below is the transcript.

Ranking Member Comer: Under President Biden, we have gone from America first to America last. After 100 days in office, it’s clear President Biden is seeking to reshape America through a radical, socialist agenda. We’re seeing it play out before our very eyes. Democrats have proposed 6 trillion dollars in spending aimed at fundamentally changing America. We are paving a path of government intrusion in our everyday lives. All that money will come directly from you, the American people, through tax increases. And the growing national debt diminishes America’s promise for future generations. 

Rep. Keller: We see it in the numbers. Across the country inflation is on the rise. Americans and small businesses are suffering. President Biden’s policies have contributed to a jump in the Consumer Price Index, which has spiked 4.2 percent. This the largest increase since 2008. The costs of everyday goods and services are higher. In fact, food is up 2.4 percent. Used cars? 10 percent. This path is unsustainable and this problem could have been avoided. We need to fully reopen our economy, get Americans back to work, and allow our businesses, families and economy to thrive.

Rep. Herrell: In Biden’s America, we’ve gone from a domestic energy boom to a bust. America’s gas prices and shortages are skyrocketing. We’ve seen gas stations with pumps shutoff and Americans waiting in never-ending lines, desperate to add even the smallest bit of gas to their empty tank. And what does President Biden do? He continues his war against America’s energy producers. First, he killed the Keystone XL pipeline and the thousands of jobs that came with it. Then, he banned oil and gas leasing on federal lands. These actions jeopardize our energy independence, limit your ability to access affordable and reliable energy, cost good-paying jobs, and put our national security at risk.

Rep. Mace: This Administration has broken its promise, they bowed to teacher unions, and they failed to follow the science when it mattered most, and with our kids. The majority of America’s schools still are not fully reopened, and the consequences will be felt for generations. It’s past time to open our classrooms and prioritize the children at risk of being left behind. Never forget what party chose unions over children. 

Rep. Donalds: President Biden also created disorder at our southern border on day one of his presidency by proposing amnesty, weakening interior enforcement, and rolling back border security. His open border policies have created the worst humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border in decades. In April, the Border Patrol apprehended the largest number of illegal immigrants in 20 years.

Ranking Member Comer: American families want good jobs, kids in school full time, and low taxes. You won’t get that under Joe Biden. Republicans promise to fight Democrats’ socialist agenda and protect our cherished freedoms.