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The Overview Published: Mar 7, 2019

WATCH: Ranking Member Jim Jordan Asks Chairman Cummings to Hold Michael Cohen Accountable For Lying to Committee

The revelation from Lanny Davis that Mr. Cohen directed his attorney to explore the possibility of a pardon from President Trump contradicts his testimony under oath that he ‘never asked for, nor would [he] accept a pardon from President Trump.’ As I warned before Mr. Cohen’s appearance before the Oversight Committee, relying on an admitted liar to attack the President is beneath the dignity of the People’s House. Chairman Cummings warned Michael Cohen that if he lied to the Oversight Committee, he would be held accountable. It is my hope and expectation that the Chairman will join our call for the Justice Department to look into the veracity of several of Mr. Cohen’s statements. Our system of self-governance relies on people to tell the truth, and those who do not respect this basic tenant of our Democracy must be held accountable.

Watch Ranking Member Jordan’s full thoughts here.