Chairman-elect Chaffetz Announces New Oversight Subcommittees and Chairs

Published: Jan 1, 2015

Incoming Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz announced this week six new Subcommittees that will be established during the 114thCongress and the Chair selections:

“When assessing the future of the committee and our goals, we saw an opportunity to make some changes, which includes modifications to subcommittee issue areas and titles. These changes will allow the subcommittee Chairs and Members to take a new approach to addressing the matters that come before the committee. Each of the incoming Chairs brings valuable knowledge and experience to the subcommittees they have been selected to lead and I am grateful for their commitment to bringing vigorous oversight to the federal government, “said Chaffetz.

Subcommittees (in alphabetical order):

Government Operations – Mark Meadows (NC)

Included on a long list of focus areas, the Government Operations Subcommittee will focus on a range of issues that includes federal records, national archives, Executive Office of the president, U.S. Postal Service, FOIA, Department of Commerce, Treasury, Education, and Labor, and federal civil service, among other issues.

Health Care, Benefits, & Administrative Rules – Jim Jordan (OH)

This subcommittee will focus on issues related to HHS, healthcare, gov-wide rules and regulations, Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid.

Information Technology – Will Hurd (TX)

The IT Subcommittee will focus on federal IT procurement, Will Hurd (TX) Cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, emerging technologies, and intellectual property, among other issues.

Interior – Cynthia Lummis (WY)

The Interior Subcommittee will focus on issues related to the Department of Interior, Department of Energy, EPA, and USDA.

National Security – Ron DeSantis (FL)

The National Security Subcommittee will focus on issues related to DOD, Dept. of State, USAID, DHS, VA, DOJ, and the intelligence community.

Transportation and Public Assets – John Mica (FL)

This subcommittee will focus on issues related to the Department of Transportation, TSA, FEMA, HUD, GSA, and real property.