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Press Release Published: Oct 16, 2012

Issa Statement on DOJ’s Assertion that Court does not have jurisdiction in ‘Fast and Furious’ legal action

WASHINGTON – Today, Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa issued the following statement on the Justice Department’s request for dismissal of legal action requiring the production of subpoenaed documents related to Operation Fast and Furious.

“The Obama Administration’s argument should trouble Americans who believe the President and the Federal government are not above the law.  In perpetuating a cover-up, through false and misleading statements that even the Justice Department’s own Inspector General found troubling, the Obama administration argued for months that it did not have to meet its legal obligations to a lawfully issued congressional subpoena. Now, the Department is advancing arguments – already rejected by the federal judiciary – that our court system does not have jurisdiction to ensure accountability either.  The American people deserve to know the full truth about what happened in Operation Fast and Furious and why top justice officials stood behind false denials of reckless conduct.”

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