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Press Release Published: Mar 20, 2019

Jordan and Meadows Request Update on McCabe Criminal Referral

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC), Ranking Member of the Government Operations Subcommittee, sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr requesting an update on the Justice Department’s investigation and prosecution of former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
Excerpts from the letter: 
“The Justice Department Office of Inspector General (DOJ OIG) referred McCabe’s lack of candor to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia almost a year ago. McCabe’s pattern of lies to FBI and OIG officials was particularly troublesome because they were intended to cover up media leaks that would benefit McCabe personally and professionally.”
“As the DOJ OIG reported, McCabe disclosed confidential investigative details to a media outlet ‘to advance his personal interests at the expense of Department leadership.’ Specifically, to rebut what he believed to be an “‘incredibly damaging” narrative’ about himself, McCabe directed Page and another FBI employee to reveal information related to the FBI’s ongoing investigation of the Clinton Foundation investigation. By authorizing the leak, McCabe confirmed the existence of an active FBI investigation in violation of Departmental policies.”
Full text of the letter can be viewed here.