Apr 23, 2009

The H-2B Guestworker Program and Improving the Department of Labor’s Enforcement of the Rights of Guestworkers

  • Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs
Apr 22, 2009

Public Service in the 21st Century: An Examination of the State of the Federal Workforce

  • Subcommittee on Federal Workforce
Apr 21, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: The Role of State and Local Governments

Location: Brooklyn, NY  

  • Full Oversight Committee
Apr 2, 2009

The Collapse and Federal Rescue of A.I.G. and What It Means for the U.S. Economy

  • Full Oversight Committee
Mar 31, 2009

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Understanding and Engaging Regional Stakeholders

  • Subcommittee on National Security
Mar 26, 2009

Troops, Diplomats, and Aid: Assessing Strategic Resources for Afghanistan

  • Subcommittee on National Security
Mar 25, 2009

The Roles and Responsibilities of Inspectors General within Financial Regulatory Agencies

  • Subcommittee on Government Organization
Mar 25, 2009

The State of the United States Postal Service

  • Subcommittee on Federal Workforce
Mar 23, 2009

2010 Census: Assessing the Bureau’s Strategy for Reducing the Undercount of Hard-to-Count Populations

  • Subcommittee on Technology
Mar 19, 2009

Preventing Stimulus Waste and Fraud: Who are the Watchdogs?

  • Full Oversight Committee